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International companies and civil society organisations creating impact by taking advantage of differences: Katrin Grunwald’s team and organisational consultancy helps clients to respect and connect different cultural points of view, expectations and ways of working. They are key to building a team or organization that works well.

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Clients need partners with energy, international experience, and an ability to create a trustful environment. Katrin’s extensive corporate background and work experience in Europe, the Americas and Asia is combined with her personal interest to contribute to society.

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Clients benefit from Katrin’s ability to lead organisational development activities in five languages. For larger projects, Katrin works together with experienced colleagues all over the world.

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Leadership Foundation Programme

The Leadership Foundation Programme is an interactive online coaching programme for first-time leaders, who believe that setting the foundation right, is the starting point for team success!

Applications for the programme will be possible from September 17th onwards, in the meantime you can sign up for the waiting list and be the first to hear about all the details.

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